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Welcome to Be You Bi Yu! I created a Studio Spa to work with individuals that want to celebrate the totality of who they are. What I do best is honor the individual and help connect the body, the intellect, the emotions and the spirit to be integrated and whole. In order to have a more balanced life I do not have set hours but a range of days that I work.  I work Tuesday through Saturday and spend Sunday and Monday with family and friends. With enough notice, I am flexible with hours and days.

Healing is about this wholeness in the moment!  Being You and in this moment appreciating You! Thank you for taking the journey of exploring the visible and invisible universe with me as a guide.

 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and also within. My philosophy is to allow you to be you and me to be me and when we connect on a soul level, wonderful things happen. In the journey of life, Be You Spa is here to help energize, balance and create beauty, truth and peace through gratitude and love. 

Love and Gratitude to all who enter within, may you experience Beauty, Truth, Love and Peace within. While we offer wonderful services in massage, skincare and energy, it is the soul care that we give that sets us apart from the rest. May you be well and Be You, Beauty Having Fun!

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