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Welcome to Be You Bi Yu! I created a Studio Spa to work with individuals that want to celebrate the totality of who they are. What I do best is honor the individual and help connect the body, the intellect, the emotions and the spirit to be integrated and whole. In order to have a more balanced life I do not have set hours but a range of days that I work.  I work Tuesday through Saturday and spend Sunday and Monday with family and friends. With enough notice, I am flexible with hours and days.

Healing is about this wholeness in the moment!  Being You and in this moment appreciating You! Thank you for taking the journey of exploring the visible and invisible universe with me as a guide.

 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and also within. My philosophy is to allow you to be you and me to be me and when we connect on a soul level, wonderful things happen. In the journey of life, Be You Spa is here to help energize, balance and create beauty, truth and peace through gratitude and love. 

Love and Gratitude to all who enter within, may you experience Beauty, Truth, Love and Peace within. While we offer wonderful services in massage, skincare and energy, it is the soul care that we give that sets us apart from the rest. May you be well and Be You, Beauty Having Fun!

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In Search Of Tranquility

As the weather begins to warm up, so does the energy and stress level of everyday life. Our April specials are designed to relax and unwind the stress of hectic schedules and everyday life in the body. Take some time to enjoy a quiet retreat with one of our services today.

Golfer's Facial

Vitamin C and other antioxidants help the damage caused by the sun. Enjoy the benefits of Vitamin C in a light peel and absorb micronized Vitamin C.

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Bi Yu Chakra & Crystal Facial Experience

Energizing, Stimulating, and Invigorating Facial 80 min. $160 For all crystal lovers, this exceptional new Crystalline Masque is a Bi Yu specially blended mask. This treatment utilizes the energy of micronized Crystalline gemstones blended with Betonite Clay creating high energy, healing, tightening and energizing results. Electrolyzed Vitamin C is also applied to help fight free radical damage.

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The Washington Jaw Treatment

There two kinds of people. Those who talk all day about their bosses, the price of gas, what their dogs learned, what they made for dinner, and what their moms said. And those who clench their teeth, fake a smile, and pretend to listen. Either way, we could all use some relief. Get it with a jaw massage and hydrotherapy body massage to alleviate stress and release toxins. The new treatment focuses expressly on the jaw and the muscles around the mouth to ease tension and strain in those over-exerted areas.

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Bi Yu Signature Massage

In a world full of stress this massage is all about you. We don't design your massage until we consult with you. That way we can create the perfect combination of aromatherapy and moist heat to meet your exact needs on the very day you visit.

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Noni Body Wrap

Known for its legendary healing powers, the Noni plant was brought to the Hawaiian Islands by ancient Polynesians. Noni is soothing, healing and naturally tightens the skin. Fire dancers used Noni Gel to heal their burns so it is perfect for the treatment of sunburn. In this treatment your body is coated in Noni Gel and then wrapped to enhance absorption. To leave you with that healthy glow of a Tropical Island Paradise, we pour warm Coconut milk over your body and gently massage it in.

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