Be You Kona Radiancy Facial Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Kona Radiancy with Light Heat Energy has helped diminish fine lines for my clients that did the Radiancy series. I always say that the face will see improvement, but the most dramatic is the neck and decollette.  Everyone has done something for their face, but many forgot their necks and chest.  This transformational skin therapy helps to change the texture of your skin and the Epicuren products continue the process of the texture change and healing.The synergy from the daily use of Epicuren protein enzymes and the once weekly facials accelerate the regeneration of youthful skin.

The other benefits from the Radiancy Facial are minimized pores, more even skin pigment and increased collagen production so the skin is firmer. There is no down time, you can do it during your lunch break and be back at the office. No one will know but everyone will notice how radiant you are.

So sign up  for the series of  4 facials done once a week in 28 days the cycle of skin cell renewal and get the Epicuren 6-step Facial Kit included in your series for $1500.  Call 301-493-4911 or email me